Collaborative Law

If you and your spouse are thinking about getting a divorce, there is an alternative to the usual adversarial approach. With a collaborative divorce, attorneys are trained to assist their clients in negotiation, while maintaining a friendly environment. It is an effective way to end a marriage without the anger and resentment of many divorces. You and your spouse have more control over the process and the outcome. You and your spouse agree to settlement and custody and visitation issues based on compromise and fair play, instead of having a judge make the final decision. The process can be faster because you and your spouse can set the time and place for meetings, instead of dealing with the court’s timetable and crowded dockets. At the conclusion, you have your divorce and you and your spouse have worked together – especially important if there are children involved. Remember although the divorce ends your relationship, you are still both the parents of your children, a relationship that will remain for the rest of your life.

A Better Way to Divorce

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